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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lessons Learned from LittleBigPlanet Beta

  • Sackboys are awesome.
    • They can fall any distance without taking damage.
    • They can drag an object many times their own weight
    • They run really damned fast.
    • They have an unbreakable grip.
  • The editor is awesome on toast.
  • Stay away from building on the edges of the level - it looks tacky.
  • You could probably build a steam engine analog in LBP without difficulty.
  • Build from the foreground back into the screen - otherwise you stand a real chance of your players jumping down from somewhere you never intended them to.
  • I really have to figure out how to do those cardboard billboard style things - thin layers of cardboard. They're so useful.
  • When building an LBP level, you should think of it as if you're creating an amusement park - think facades, tethers and mimicry rather than genuine engineering. It'll save you time and sanity.

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