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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

I'm torn on the subject of Google's new and shiny browser.

The UI for the new browser does all of the things I want it to do - minimizes the standard menus into a pair of buttons, leaves the bookmark toolbar at the top, turns the status bar into a floating tooltip whenever the status changes, takes up very little space at the top, usurps the standard Windows application window controls bar and replaces it with mo sexah tabs.

It loads in under a second on both of my main desktop machines, renders things more correctly than any browser I've yet had, loads Flash pages without delay and without having to install any plugins (that I didn't already have installed... I'm talking to you, Firefox.) and it makes thousands of Julienne fries.

However, it looks like Google has almost missed the point that Firefox has been making in its long struggle to eventual dominance for the last 5 years. Google Chrome has no add-ons, no options to speak of, no theme choices, no plugins, no zoom, no RSS support... Well, it's a shell of a browser. It's what Internet Explorer 1 would have been if Microsoft had given a rat's ass about performance and web standards. It's featureless.

Why is that is, Google?

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